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Experience the Joy of Shared-Ride with Us

Is Reaching on Time a Trouble for You?

In the present day scenario where people are too busy and tend to be always in a hurry to reach their desired destination, easy and hassle- free transportation is but a dire necessity. Whether you need to reach the airport for a certain tour or perhaps, to receive a high- profile client, being on time is what is most essential. Punctuality is something highly demanded from an individual in the corporate sector and one has to attend office on time on a regular basis. Now, the traffic, the road conditions and the distance to be travelled often pose a difficulty in maintaining punctuality.

Get the Perfect Solution

Diamond Transport Enterprise Limited comes up with a solution for you by being the first in Nigeria to introduce the shared-ride airport ground transportation concept. The company promises to help both businesses and individuals by means of their airport shuttle and work shuttle services in Lagos and Nigeria. The shared- ride services prove to be of real help for the clients in numerous ways.

Shared-Ride Services to be of Multiple Benefits

Owning a car and using it for daily commutation is not a feasible option for many. Shared- ride services allow you enjoy the comfort of travelling in a car and this too, in return of reasonable charges. The success of a business or at least of some business deals largely depends on the treatment of the clients. Receiving your corporate guests from the airport and taking them to the office in a luxury car is definitely a part of excellent treatment. This, in some way or the other, paves the way for the success of the business in the long run.

Diamond Transport Enterprise has started up with airport and work shuttle services only but it has plans to introduce executive taxi and school shuttle service in Lagos and Nigeria. The ultimate aim of the company is to put an end to the daily transportation problems, often faced by people. The company looks forward to making easy, hassle-free and safe transport in Nigeria accessible by one and all.

Experience Trouble-Free Reservation and Payment Procedures

Diamond Transport Enterprise is backed up by expert and experienced professionals apart from a fairly wide inventory of vehicles. The online booking system is deliberately made as simple as possible as, we understand that people who are looking for quick transportation solutions do not have much time to devote on the reservation procedure alone. The company makes use of the technologically advanced reservation and automates dispatch system too. At the same time, a call centre operating 24 hours is there to facilitate phone bookings.

Hiring the airport shuttle or work shuttle services in Lagos requires one to call at the respective customer service number and communicate the requirements and specifications in details. The agents are ever willing to guide the prospective clients in the right direction and get the registration done without hassles.
The payment of the charges can be done either through submission of cash directly to the office of the company or online through bank transfer.